Tuesday, September 7, 2010



Taking a small break from the pants. Rather, they're coming along nicely, I just don't have enough photos/progress to warrant a reprise post, bahaha~

Anyway, yesterday was a most productive day~ Finally got my hands on one of those body-slimming camisoles, for just the right price--free. XD [Thankyou $30 coupon and 25% off sale~ It's for the Gau cosplay, more info on that in the next post] Tuesday Morning is a wonderful little store if you have one nearby, one of those everything-you-never-needed stores with ridiculously low prices. We wandered around there for a bit, and I came away with a great cookbook for $5. Happyyyyy~

Love at first sight!?

And then we went to Lowes, and I fell in love. I've always wanted to keep a pet cactus, and these little buggers are so cheap! I ended up getting three and a huge pot for $15 altogether. I'm really kicking myself for having not taken pictures of their siblings in those tiny pots, or the nursery itself. There's something magical about walking through a plant nursery--so much green in little rows, and everything smells so fresh and green~
Of balloons, gold and moons~
The round one is called a Balloon Cactus, and supposedly has a lovely bloom in the center during the summer. The one with the big red hat is lovely by itself, though I think it blooms too. It's called Moon Cactus, or Hibotan, how cute! And of course the obligatory penis-shaped cactus, he's so cute though--you can't see it very well, but his spikes are yellow and rather soft. I'm a freak who likes to pet cacti, but he's very soft and my favorite to pet~ At any rate the species is called Golden Ball, and supposedly they grow rather big [2 feet!] I'm excited to re-pot next year and get new babies~~

Speaking of potting, getting these suckers nestled in their new home was so much fun. You can see the cute little pots they came in previously, though they're plastic, I think the handles are a nice touch. Those two viney things in the back were actually one mint plant I got for 99c! Giving one to mom for her new classroom--I've plopped them into some old tea mugs that have seen better days, but still hold liquid. They look so fancy. XD
Nice and snug! Ow, my hands...
Though I've read somewhere that it's extremely beneficial to play in the soil with your bare hands, extracting cacti from their tiny root-encrusted pots, is not. Oddly enough it was the Golden Ball [Tall-Dickie in the back] that gave me the most trouble. Those 'harmless' hair-like spines are soft until you try to earnestly grab it and pull. Those thin spines are perfect for digging into fingers without notice and staying there until well after there is. >,X I've tweezed and washed but there are still molecular splinters left in my fingertips.

Aw Dickie, I know you didn't mean it~ They really are cute, and already seem to have their own personalities. I'm working on names right now. And yes, I'm a total kook by treating them as pets, but they are pretty to look at. I'd like to take them on some of my adventures, or just have some tea and some quality sunshine with them.
Such warm colors look a bit out of place...
Catching some rays in the windowsill~ This is at my parents' house. I'll be moving back to the dorm soon, so these guys can enjoy some direct sunlight outdoors. I'm excited~
"Bye everyone~"

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