Thursday, September 2, 2010


So, I'm a gigantic nerd. In this particular case, it's for Cosplay. [Btdubs: image (c)Tiggerfactory on dA]

I got a fire under my ass about making this costume, purely because the concept art was GORGEOUS. Oddly enough, this fanart is more comprehensive of his character, hmm...

I have the worst habit of picking young boys to cosplay. I'm a notorious Black*Star, with a HYA-HOO that'll make your ears ring. I'm hoping that vivaciousness will osmoss easily to Gau--UWAAO~ I think so.
At any rate, I've been sewing the pants from scratch.
Having spliced a Harem Pants pattern with the instructions to Thai Fisherman Pants, I came up with this patchwork monstrocity. Kindly observe the stages of its grotesque monarch-caterpillar-development

Got the crotch sewn and working on the inner and outer leg seams. Debating pockets on these puppies, and more patchwork spots. Perhaps I'm taking a bit too much artistic license on this one...


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