Saturday, December 18, 2010

Sew desu ne? *SHOT* (a preview)

Alright, bad joke, but my new sewing project is Japanese Disguise Pajamas!
Most people call them Kigurumi, and I do too, but apparently that's a whole genre pertaining to mascot costumes--such as Character actors at theme parks, fursuit costumes, and those creepy creepy anime-styled face masks. Check out the wiki. and just assume I mean the 'jammies.
Flash back to your childhood--I know footie pajamas were a bit before our time [though everyone had a pair until they were four]. Remember those BOSS bathtowels with character or animal heads for hoods? Yeah, don't lie--you had one of Minnie Mouse or a flamingo, and it was the coolest thing ever.
What a BAMF

Now combine that with footies and you've got a Kigurumi. What's better, people actually wear these in PUBLIC. Sure, it's all party kids, con-goers, and Japanese street-fashionistas, but I'mma get in on this. 
They see me rollin, they hatin'
Sadly there are still problems with getting your hands on one of these. Don't get me wrong--they ARE available in the states [through sites like Cushzilla, and BunnyWarez] but get ready to shell out anywhere between $50-100. Understandably though, that much fleece costs a f@ckton. In addition, the animal designs don't seem particularly adventurous or diverse enough: Hamster, Cat, Bunny, Pikachu, Godzilla, Disney female-counterparts, fox, raccoon, Doraemon--y'know, all the basic foodgroups. [Actually Doraemon is a great design--but just search for Kigurumi, you'll see the same thing keeps coming up].
They see me ro--oh...well, crap.

Enter Kobato [another CLAMP Cardcaptor Sakura incarnate]. Namely, her belligerent loud-mouthed stuffed dog and moral compass Ioryogi or Iorogi as he corrects her. This guy is a BOSS--did I mention he breathes fire? Yeah. YEAH. Plus Joann's had a 60% off sale on fleece. THIS IS SEW HAPPENING *SHOTDEAD* I'll be making a mock-up guide as I go [purely for laughs, don't ever follow my advice in sewing. I use PUNS, c'mon] considering I don't update this blog enough. Stay tuned~

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