Thursday, September 2, 2010

Promise me, that you won't take me seriously.

It all started with Pokemon I think...Plastic cartridges, a voracious hunger for AA batteries, and the infectious feeling of 'achievement' while sprawled backwards over the armrest of a couch. Or maybe the stationary system that ran on cartridges bigger than a touch-screen phone? In any case, a decade later I'm an art school junior with a wheezing portfolio and a crippling case of Idunwanna. Not at all saying that video games are bad, just that I've succumbed to the creature comfort of a bepixeled Eden rendered on a two dimensional screen--my real-world output having come to a grinding halt.

Well, no more of that.

Lately I've felt antsy to go out into the world and do anything and everything [see: Obnoxious Orange Title]. Like most blogs, this is more for myself than anything else. This is just a gigantic To-Do list that I just happen to publish to a world full of strangers. You have to understand, I've been terrified for publishing anything to the internet since I was fourteen. Art theft, borrowed ideas, and lately what-will-Employer/Company-think-of-me. But y'see, it's only led to less and less activity.

It's not as if I don't care anymore, nor that I actually feel empowered by some blind force to literally do everything. But by golly, I'm twenty and I want to.

I'm not looking for a following, I'm just looking for organization. This'll most likely be a giant track of my projects--sewing, drawing, sculpting and otherwise--hiccup'd by music finds and other things I find inspiring to keep me going~

Oh and hi, I'm Jordan.

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